Saturday, April 26, 2008

artfest ~ last morning

It was finally time to pack up and move everything out of our dorm room. My mom and I shared a room. Rooms are pretty sparse as always, but you are hardly in them anyway. This is her side of the room. Bed hung on a rack. I had an actual bed frame, but when you laid down the bed tilted to one side. It was like sleeping on a hill! All part of the full ArtFest experience.
Again, the view from our room.

The sun was coming up over the water and spilling across the front porch of our dorm. We were in 225...nearest the water. Dorm 225. Loved our rooms this year and the beautiful view.
The Commanders House was just across the field from us.
A view of the officers housing across the parade grounds.

The anchor.

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