Tuesday, June 30, 2009

round robin necklace ~ for Gena

This is my offering for Gena's "Ju-Ju" themed charm necklace. My little amulet addition, which I've called "Hidden Visions", is an old flattened bottle cap with the the word "VISIONS" nearly obscured under layers of mica. I've attached an additional charm that I made from a deep blue feather and silver spacer bead. Close up of the nearly obscured word "VISIONS" on the charm. I cut the word from a vintage 1865 book and glued in under the mica with diamond glaze.
Below is my charm on the thus far completed necklace. Only two my necklaces to go and this swap will be complete.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

round robin necklace ~ for Eunice

I was able to work on my charm for Eunice's necklace today. Her theme is "Old things made new". I had this old key with red on it that seemed to fit right in with her necklace. The red beads were passed on from the player before me so I used them to jazz the key up a bit and attached it with a little ball chain. Below is how it looks on her necklace. Lighting isn't very good in these pictures, but I wanted to get this one packaged back up and ready to mail.