Monday, October 13, 2008

passionate heart ~ Tejae's round robin book

This months round robin book belongs to Tejae and it is actually a very small little book, about 4x4 inches. I had fun with paper, paint and beeswax doing this book.
Close-up of the words.
I created an embossed beeswax heart to cover the little secret door and gave the heart feather wings..."give love wings".
Close-up of heart detail.
Once you open the heart door it reveals another heart with butterfly wings and the word Soar, "and your heart will soar". I love how the open door also looks like a butterfly.
Finally a close-up of the Soaring Heart.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

secrets and hidden layers ~ Kara's round robin book

This is the artwork I did in the second round robin book to come my way. As you can see the title of Kara's book is Secrets and Hidden Layers. This was a busy month for me, as noted by the lack of postings, and I worked on this at the last minute, nothing like the pressure of a deadline!
Close up of the words I wrote.
Secrets revealed.

Closeup of paint texture and layers.