Saturday, December 13, 2008

completed banner garland

Just had to post a quick photo of all the wonderful little holiday banners I received in this swap. I strung them all together on silk ribbon and hung them on the mirror in my living room...a perfect spot to show them off! I love how the banner backs are reflected in the mirror in this photo.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wishes and dreams ~ Kim's round robin book

This is the page spread I completed for Kim's round robin book titled Wishes and Dreams. I have finally finished working on it and will have it on its way home to her for Christmas. There has been much going on here at home for me and squeezing in art is nearly impossible right now. Hopefully after the holidays...?
Detail pictures of the words, tiny stars and jewels. I tried writing the words with a white pen but it was really difficult writing over wrinkled paper and then the ink didn't show up so well. I ended up painting over the writing with white paint so that the words are more legible. In case you still can't read the words it says..."In her pale moonlit dreams she becomes the Fairy Queen...Dancing in the moonlight and granting wishes to all her fairy realm.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

One more little project ready to go on its way. These are for a holiday mini banner swap. Each little banner piece is 3 inches wide at the top and 5 five inches long at the point. We send in 6 and get back 5 to string together for our holiday decorating. Now...I just have to decide where to hang my little banner when it comes home to me.
Banner pieces are made of double sided cardstock. I attached an image of a vintage Christmas postcard with 3-D foam squares to give it that raised dimensional look as you can see below.