Wednesday, June 4, 2008

mosaic number 9

More artwork in the mail today. This piece is 4x4 done on heavy weight watercolor paper for a 'Number Mosaic' swap. There are 9 players and each person signed up for a number, which was already assigned a color. Most spots were already filled by the time I joined in so out of the two choices left I picked NUMBER 9 which had to be created in BROWN. I think brown would have been my first choice anyway...I love Sepia!

The words "Family of" and the number "9" are actually raised elements on this little piece of artwork. The idea of this swap is that when we recieve all our numbers we are to glue them onto a 12x12 canvas and thus create a Mosaic.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

grunge, post industerial and mica

There are a few charm swaps I've been working on and getting in the mail. Two of them were grunge/post industerial, made with old "grungy" found items. I only have a picture of one because I forgot to photograph the other one. I will try to add it here later after the charm comes back to me. This next one is for a "Mica" charm swap. It had to be created with mica of course and the theme was 'Home'. The first photo is photographed laying flat and the second one is backlit for a clearer view of the imbeded image.

birds in my garden

This is the Fabric ATC I made for a recent swap 'Brids In My Garden'. It really doesn't show up well, but the image is covered with mica.