Saturday, April 26, 2008

artfest day two ~ nina bagley class

Nina was teaching her "Gatherings" class on this day. It is what she called her lovely portfolio collection of old book covers with their little shadow boxes attached. The shadow boxes were filled with various treasures. Here is one of the samples from her portfolio used for this class. To see her entire collection visit her blog entitled Ornamental.
This is the cover to my portfolio as I was working on it. In this picture I 'm wraping wooden dowels in copper wire mesh which eventually became the shadow box for my front cover.
My mom and I took this class together but my mom forgot her glasses that morning. When Nina found out she graciously gave her own pair to my mom to borrow. So here's my mom is in Nina's glasses...a little askew, but at least she could see!This class met in a spacious upstairs room full of windows with lots of soft light flooding in around us. See anyone you recognize?

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