Friday, April 25, 2008

artfest day one ~ misty mawn class

My first day of classes was with Misty Mawn, she was teaching her "From Withinside Out" class. It was amazing to watch her work as she demoed her techniques. She made everything she did look effortless and always with a beautiful outcome. I was so taken with watching how she created during her first demo that I didn't even think about getting my camera. She worked so quickly with such creativity that you didn't dare take your eyes off her hands. I feel that Misty creates a really beautiful unique type of artwork. The image below is Misty's class sample.

I spent my entire class time mesmerized by her demos and just trying to paint my background pages. I never did get to the part where you actually painted a face!
These are my two finished background pieces...all I had to show for an entire days work! Oh but it was so much fun just playing with the paint and transfers.


bockel24 said...

Love them even without any faces - especially the left one.

Carmen said...

I LOVE the one on the left!!! Wow!