Saturday, January 24, 2009

round robin necklace

Sometimes I wonder what I get myself into! In this case it was making a necklace for a round robin exchange...I have never really made a neclace before so it was a good thing I started early and didn't wait till the last minute! The part that gave/is giving me the most trouble is where I've tried to put tiny eyelets into the mica and wire it to my button. Two of the eyelets separated from the mica and I ended up using liquid nails to try and glue them back much for "cold connections". The necklace is probably going to be a fragile piece during its travels and will most likely need further repair when it returns home, but I'm sending it on anyway.

For this round robin I created the necklace itself and the main focal piece pendant. There will be 8 other players working on my necklace as it goes along. Each person will add an element (Charm) designed to my theme which is ~All things vintage and sepia~. I've added little jump rings (you can see them below) where they can attach their creations to my necklace at the proper place. In 9 months my necklace will return home to me all finished.
Detail of the vintage metal buttons for my pendant dangle.
Beading deatils.

Close-up of the necklace clasp and dangle.
All in all I'm pleased with how it turned out. I loved getting to use some of the vintage treasures from my button jar, especially the beautiful sepia brown velvet hand covered button. The velvet button measures 1 1/4 inches across, to give you a little perspective, since all the photos are close up to show detail.
Now that the necklace is finished I'm off to make some sort of carrying case to put it in for safe keeping during its travels.


Anonymous said...

WOWZERS this is stunning! I am so sad I did not get in on this round robin!

Angela Rae said...

WOW is right! Now I'm intimidated!!! I've dabbled in jewelry making and own all the supplies... and I'm signed up for this round robin swap as well... still working on my necklace. Thanks for the inspiration!

MoonRae said...

It's absolutely beautiful sweetie!!
Thanks for putting the pics on your blog since I'm having trouble seeing group photos....can't wait to see it finished

MoonRae said...
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connie said...


what a beautiful piece! you are truly a talented artist. I am hoping you'll post when this little gem returns home...what a fabulous necklace! jewelry is something i haven't dabbled in yet. one day...