Saturday, January 31, 2009

round robin necklace travel case

I finally finished sewing the case for my necklace to travel in! I used some vintage velvet drapery fabric from my stash to create the case and used more of my old metal buttons for part of my closures. I also used up the left over odd beads I had from making the necklace.
As you open it..........
then just a peek....................
and finally the necklace is revealed.
This little tied up bundle travels with the necklace too.
I made ATCs for my fellow participants to embellish and to indicate at what location on the necklace their particular charm hangs. These are my "artist sign in" pages where I've asked each person to attach a photo of their charm and sign their names.
Here is a glimpse of my own ATC showing the pendant part I created.
I can't wait to see all the lovely artwork that will be coming my way as these necklaces start to arrive!


MoonRae said...

It's gorgeous!!!!! Thanks so much for posting pics on your blog since I don't see photos on the group any more.....bummer....Wish I wasn't so darn BUSY so I could have played in this RR too!! have fun
the other Sharon

Ellen Lyn said...

Wow, this is very, very pretty! I so wish I could sew...if I could, I might take my little altered jewelry box back to the drawing board!!

rscoach said...

sharon - mostly lurking on the "in this house and garden" group - but just had to comment on your beautiful bag created to send out your swap - so beautiful and rich looking and creative in your display - thanks for sharing it with us - how lucky the recipient is going to be! Best - Reva (Los Angeles)
PS - when I was in Atlanta in the '70's I did theatre with a young director named Eric DuBois - any relation to you perhaps? We lost touch when I moved to Los Angeles 30 years ago -

connie said...


so beautiful...every detail is perfect! wish I were a jeweler...just to open it!

Tejae Floyde said...