Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ArtFest ATCs for ATC Book

The past week has been crunch time...trying to meet deadlines...all that time I thought I had way back in September has somehow slipped away and now things are due...which means I am forced into making art...not the best way to be "creative", but I have got to come up with ideas and get things made. The above 2 ATCs are for the ArtFest ATC Books I signed up for. I made 27 originals of each design for the 2 books. Of course it was more time consuming than I thought it would be...always is. Now I am on to the 32 pages each for the 2 Fabric Books that I signed up for...and the 58 pages each of the 2 Paper 4x4 Books I signed up for...and the original 4x4 page trade for my all originals fat book...and...and...and.........not even thinking about ArtFest Trades yet!

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Golden Cloud said...

Wow Mom! You sound like a really busy lady these days. I can't believe that you are involved in so many things...jk...I totally believe it! I love your ART.