Monday, July 27, 2009

stamped metal swap

Another charm swap. This one is actually supposed to be "Stamped Metal". Photographed here on a Moo Card so you can see size perspective. My alphabet metal stamps are so small that I decided to just make a little tag that reads "ART".


Cindy said... beautiful! I love what you did with the stamped charms. The resin-style pendant is so cool. I'm really excited about will be my first swap with Charmsters. I'm working on mine now.
Your token charms are really neat too...I like the sayings on those tokens!

connie said...

sharon as always I love your work! I was also excited to see your work in LK's new book! I'll have to check out "sew"... I've been busy with angela creating our "ac studio 9" line and haven't been able to leave my sewing machine!

have a great trip!