Sunday, May 24, 2009

round robin necklace ~ for Darlene

Here is my offering for Darlene's Necklace with a theme of "anything goes". I loved her pendant focal piece and wanted to do something that tied in with it.I made a little wire heart and hammered it flat then made a little staple to hold the key on with. I decided not to polish the wire, but to just keep the dark feel going. Below is her necklace so far, I was the 4th person to work on it.


Laurel said...

Wow wow wow! Your contribution, and the entire piece, are both quite amazingly beautiful!

Pam K said...

Love your charm! Beautiful.

Suzanne said...

This necklace is really becoming a showpiece. Your charm is a nice addition.

Me! said...

I am loving your blog! We play with alot of the same mediums. It was such a good time {enjoying your spin on your projects}! I want in!
Thanks for sharing!