Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a sparrow's song

I'm participating in a Board Book Round Robin with 6 other people...this month we were to find a child's board book, sand down all the pages, paint gesso on them and create the covers. We could also create a page or two to give the others an idea of our theme, mine is birds (like you didn't figure that one out). The above image is my front cover in its simple form. I want to add twigs and other embellishments, but will hold off doing that till the book comes home to me. I didn't want so much bulk on the front cover while folks are trying to work in it. Below is the back of the book which really is finished.
I created an "artist sign in" page where I hope everyone will "sign an egg" for me as well as sign their own artwork.
I also did one two page spread just to give it a start since I had 4 extra pages in my book that I was going to have to decorate anyway.

Can't wait to see what wonderful things the others are going to add!


Anonymous said...

WOW this is so sweet! I love the color and the birds you used! I can't wait to do my pages!

Carmen said...

I love that green background. The texture is so yummy!


Laurel said...

It's really lovely, Sharon! Just beautiful.