Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Angela and Sarah ~ the two story house

Weekend before last I had an awesome weekend for someone who is an "art dreamer". I actually had some dreams come true! First of all a little background...this summer while on vacation in Alaska, I had come across a book titled In This House by Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn (which included the artwork of several other well known artists). I loved the book right away, but knew I couldn't buy it until I returned home, so I had to settle for pouring over it the craft/art books isle of Barnes and Nobel. The book was filled with beautifully done photography of a collection of "homes" that each invited artist had created so that they all became a neighborhood in the book. All the houses were created from the same template to keep continuity in size and shape, but each artist had such a wonderfully different interpretation of the "home" concept. They were each so creative and inspiring.
Then........a couple of weeks after returning from Alaska I was thrilled to see that Angela and Sarah were going to be teaching a class together here in Southern California, and even more thrilled to find out that I could take it! It was called The Two Story House and the above two pictures are ones I took that day. It was so nice to meet Angela and Sarah in person and to be able to spend the afternoon playing and being "unruly" in our art during their class. Both ladies are so kind and generous and the class was just plain fun. If you ever get the opportunity to take one of their classes do so!

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